Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So stinkin' last week was probably the most amazing week of my mission, specifically Monday because I got to see S get Baptized! WOohoo! It was seriously one of the most spiritual experiences of my mish so far! Plus we got to go to chipotle for dinner that night so it was like icing on the cake, hahah just kidding, kind of. . . .

Well freak, that's awesome for Jacob and Justin, I got an email from jacob and I am definitely stoked for him! and for Justin and Jager, remind me where Jager is going? I feel soooo out of the loop! which is sometimes a good thing, but just promise me y'all will enjoy iron man 2 for me and let me watch it when I get home ;)

Well, We also had Interviews with our mish president on Tuesday, and then Zone conference Thursday, and we still managed to pull some really good numbers for our week. There were 11 less actives at church and 3 investigators, not too shabby! I really love my new area, I will be going on exchanges with the Zone leaders next tuesday, and I think it will be with Elder M who I served with for my first transfer in Griffin. Well I gotta go but I love y'all and I'll write ya next week!