Monday, September 13, 2010

Kennesaw district

So neither of us got transferred, I'm still with Elder S in Kennesaw. We had a pretty awesome church service yesterday. Our ward had a "Friends and Family Sunday" and there were quite a few non members that the Kennesaw Mountain members were able to bring. We have an appointment with one of them on Wednesday, a guy who is interested in the stop smoking program, so it should be an awesome refferal.

This week I have another meeting about the simplified missionary training system stuff on tuesday and wednesday and I'll be on exchanges with two other missionaries from our zone. Our district is pretty darn young, I have been out twice as long as anyone else and there are two greenies, so hopefully I get some good notes so that I can pass down as much of the training in our district meetings this transfer.

The weather has been cooling down for us pretty nicely, and some of the leaves are starting to change colors. Fall is probably the best time here, or at least my favorite. Its just too bad I'll miss football, but its the last one so it doesn't really matter at this point :D I'm not gonna lie but Im getting a little trunky but we're gonna work super hard this transfer so it will take my mind off it. Well I love y'all and I'll talk to ya later!