Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Well it has definitely been a good Christmas season for us this year! Last week we were able to teach a bunch of people and the work is really moving along here in Cassville.

Yesterday we had our mission Christmas party which was a lot of fun. They had to break up the mission into two parties, which kinda stunk because most of my mission buddies were in different zones so their party was on a different day, but we still had fun. There was a talent show and Elder J and I were the first act, he sang hymn 284 'If You Could Hie to Kolob' while I played the piano and several acts later our fourman apartment performed an interpretative Christmas dance to a song titled "the Happiest Christmas Tree" Elder J and I were elfs, Elder R was Santa, and Elder C was the christmas tree. Needless to say that it definitely stole the show.

My camera has been super glitch-y lately and hasn't let me take pictures or anything but we have it recorded on some other missionaries cameras so I'm definitely going to get a copy of it because it was awesome! Hopefully y'all will be able to see it soon. . . .

We have some pretty sweet plans going for christmas so far. We are going to the J's for a little bit in the morning, Elder J and I have gotten them some pretty sweet gifts that I'm sure they'll enjoy, and then we have a family having us over for lunch/ party time in the afternoon and a part member family has invited us over for dinner that night, so we will be pretty darn busy.

I got the packages from dad, the protien and the sweet shirt! thanks! but I didn't get the other package :( or at least not yet so I'll keep an eye out for it, and hopefully the goods are still edible :O

Thanks again, I'll talk to y'all soon!

Sweet Chrismas Cards on the Way

(Dec 13)
It has been another exciting week here in Cassville. Not the best numbers, but success isn't based on numbers, and I would definitely say we had a successful week. We had 3 investigators to church, S, J and Sister G. We set up to have FHE with the J (Family) every Monday at least until the end of this transfer. S is still coming along slowly but surely. She called out R for not fulfilling his role as patriarch, which was kind of funny, and we are, as always, happy to see them continuing to grow. J has been investigating for about two years, has been super close to being baptized but just never sealed the deal. He comes every week and is more faithful than most anyone than I could think of. He has some mental challenges, but that doesnt stop him at all. I think he could quote the entire bible for you if you asked! We have an appointment with him tenatively for tomorrow night, We have backed off teaching him as we were focusing on the J(family) boys being baptized but now I think we can get things rolling again.

The G's are another part member family. Sister G was super close to being baptized, but I think that they have just been overloaded with life as of lately. They have a newborn (6 months old) and I could only imagine that alone has kept them rather preoccupied. They also have a 22 month old, and 4 and 8 year old children. I had not been able to meet them before this Sunday but I have known about them from the area book and whatnot, so it was way good to see them at church. Elder J and I taught the gospel principles class this Sunday and it was a really good lesson. sister G, J nd S were all able to make it, except that M as being a little bit of a stink so S had to take her out to calm her down.

We also had a super district meeting of sorts. I'm pretty sure I told you but there was a world wide change in district meetings and some of the way that missionaries are trained now, or rather not that it is anything new or different but the church has come out with 8 fundamental points of missionary work to focus on. So each week for the past 6 months or so we have had a lesson at district meeting on one of the 8 focus points, but leadership gets training directly from President and is supposed to pass it on, but this time president gave a training on the lessons to everybody, so needless to say it was a really great meeting. I was glad that I could be there with Elder Jmenez because I think it helped us for sure get a better start and better teaching skills.

I am really excited for christmas to come around. Our 4 man appartment has some pretty sweet christmas costumes and we will be sending some pretty darn good looking christmas cards soon, so until then keep your eyes peeled for that! Well that's about if for this week, y'all be blessed!
-Elder Alex Edwards