Monday, November 8, 2010

Exploding with Pure Knowledge!

Fast Sunday was amazing yesterday, probably one of my favorite times at church and one of my best fast's ever! I'm stoked for the Eagles football, who is #1? I have mad props for Sarah and her mish, experiences. I wish I had some more experiences like that in school. I am missin y'all lots but things are goin sooooo good right now its crazy.

So this week was pretty much amazing, we committed a part member family to prepare for baptism on the 27th of this month and they are pretty much good to go! I was disappointed they didn't make it to church but they have been working with the missionaries for the past several years and for them to finally say yes and commit I can tell is a huge step in their progress and I'm very optimistic about their progress in the gospel. For sure the two boys R and S are going to be baptized, and when we taught we focused on them. The mom has a testimony and is amazing but is afraid that she wont be able to fully be committed and so doesn't want to do it unless she can go all the way. As we taught we didnt really commit her to baptism either, but the husband (a less active member) asked, "what about S(mom)?" and we opened the invitation for her if that was her desire and she said yes that she thinks she's ready for it. She was still a little reluctant, but every time before she would be flat out no way not yet, so just seeing her faith grow enough that she realizes she needs to step up was the most incredible blessing as it really opened my eyes and increased my faith just by her example. I can not get them out of my mind it is soo crazy! It definitely brings back my favorite memories and experiences from Newnan working with the P boys and the C family and it definitely gave me the experience and preparation for this family here in Cassville. My mind has seriously just been exploding with pure knowledge and intelligence from the Holy Ghost especially this fast Sunday seeing how the church truly is the only true and living church and seeing the church and its members grow, combined with all of my studies coming alive and linking together and our gospel principles class I seriously feel like Moroni when he interjects in Ether 12 and feels like his writing is inadequate and doesn't truly express all that he's experienced even though its one of my personal favorite chapters because the revelation and inspiration from those verses is priceless. I wish I had been given that strength in expressing myself and my feelings, and I almost feel like I'm rambling on and on but its because I know how true the gospel is and how it blesses people.

My time is up but tell grammy and grandpa how much I miss them and nanny and pappa too! Love y'all!