Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Soooo,we got the call last night and I'm being transferred : / I guess thats just my luck, but I should be able to go to the baptism on Saturday, as long as I can find a ride. I will still be a district leader in my new area, but it is going to be my first area that is on bike! so hopefully this giant sauna called Georgia can sweat a few pounds off me. I'll find out exactly what area I'll be in tomorrow at transfer meeting. hopefully I get a really sweet district.

I like being a district leader, I mean it's nothing special, but I'd rather just be a normal missionary and not have to deal with drama from other missionaries and have the zone leaders try to suck my blood like vampires. Missionaries world wide will be switching to a new system for the way meetings and trainings work and it begins this transfer so I will have a lot of info to pass on. One of these weeks there is going to be a 3 day meeting about all of the changes and I just want to take a tape recorder to it cuz if zone conferences already seem long and it doesnt even take a full day then I can't imagine what a 3 day meeting will be like. . . but ya just thought I'd give y'all a heads up, and I'll let you know more as I go! Love ya!

Awesome Transformations

SOOOO, sorry I missed writing y'all last week, honestly I didnt have much to write cuz that week pretty much stunk, BUT, this week was really good! We went over twice to the 'C' family home and they have a baptismal date for this saturday! all that is left on our end is to teach 2 more lessons and have the interview, everything else is pretty much taken care of already by the ward which is awesome and is really the way it should be. And, just as the icing on the cake, daddy 'C' had an interview with the Bishop and will be the one performing the baptism and confirmation It is pretty awesome to see those kind of changes and transformations in the lives of people and families that can only be brought by living the gospel. We have also received some pretty amazing referrals recently that would definitely be considered elect so there should be further baptisms coming up for Newnan in the pursuing transfers.

Speaking of transfers, tonight is transfer calls, tomorrow is packing day, and Wednesday is transfer meeting, so as much as I'd like to stay I dunno I'll let y'all know as soon as I can. That's about it, hope summer is still goin' great, have fun in the sun for me!