Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Phone Call

Being a substitute teacher, I'm used to getting phone calls at 6:45 AM. But on Tuesday, March 10 I got a call that made my day! As I was sitting at the computer writing an apology to my hiking buddy for oversleeping, the phone rang. Assuming it was my robot friend from Deer Valley Schools calling to offer me a fun filled day in some Special Ed classroom, I was in no hurry to answer. You can imagine my surprise when the voice on the other end said, "Is this my Mom?" I was overjoyed to hear my son's voice calling from the Salt Lake Airport. We had a nice (but short) visit. I don't even remember the details of what we talked about. I only know that he sounded happy and so excited to be headed to Georgia. He can't wait to go meet his Mission President, a new companion and start preaching the Gospel. In the next two years I can expect only 4 opportunities to speak to my boy: on Mother's Day (61 days and counting) and Christmas. This was an unexpected treat and it made me one happy Momma!

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  1. That is the coolest! I love those precious moments in life. Brings a tear to my eye. Thanks for sharing!