Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Hey y'all!
Well it has been another really good week, we were able to teach quite a bit, nobody all too interested, but we're still looking for the 'elect'. I wrote you a letter today so you'll hear about how the work is going, but I just wanted to send a quick email and see how things were going.

Tomorrow we have interviews with President Mathusek which will be really good.
Last week we had a new missionary meeting for all of the new missionaries and their trainers, so it was good to see some of the other Elders that were in the MTC with me.

I am definitely looking forward to General Conference, its too bad I wont be able to go to Priesthood session with Ryan until he's a teacher! I still cant hardly imagine him passing sacrament and going for fast offerings! There's a family in our ward who is really nice and they have a son that is a sophomore right now and another that is also 12 and they both look so much older than they are its pretty ridiculous. The twelve year old is real close to being 6 feet tall (which I still cant believe he's 12 just because of how big he is), but its funny because his brother is a lot smaller and looks like he could be at least a junior. But they are a really great family, strong members in the church and are busy pretty much every day between the two boys and their baseball schedules. But anyways, all is going really good here and I should here from you soon!

-Elder Edwards

p.s. if you could send some of those reese's eggs I would most appreciate it, Oh and I sent my sd card in the letter I wrote just fyi because I wasted so much time trying to upload pictures through email and I probably couldn't even fit one picture on an email because its too big of a file, so we'll see how that works and maybe work something out later for how to do that.

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