Thursday, April 30, 2009

Exciting Times!

Well, I am pretty shocked to hear that the Ward split! Actually I was thinking about Dad being in the Bishopric for whatever reason a couple days ago, but I had no idea that the ward was going to split, let alone Dad would be in the Bishopric! It will definitely be a change coming home.

This week has been very good for finding. We found and taught several investigators, and were even able to get a baptismal date out of one, but we havent been able to get in contact with her since we've met her. But our teaching pool is definitely picking up. We still dont have anyone to come to sacrament but I know that as out numbers continue to increase we will find the ones that are ready right now. We are continuing to see less actives make it to sacrament meeting which has been awesome.

We are continuing to progress here in Dallas. The investigators we've found are a lot better quality than those in the past, and though we are losing a lot we have been able to find even better people to teach, and I know that if this continues we will be able to baptize pretty soon. We also have a couple of 9 year olds in our area who are from less active families that want their children to be taught so I really think that working with them will be really effective. Last week the sister missionaries had a baptism like that who was a 9 year old that was part of a family that was less active, but just got to be baptized by her grandfather, and Elder Cooper and I were able to participate in the confirmation which was really cool as well.

I cant remeber if I told you or not but last wednesday on transfers we lost one of the sister missionaries in the ward and gained two more, sister Krall from L.A. and sister Roden from Jamaica. They are really good. It seems like the sisters get all of the refferals from the ward or something because all of the recent baptisms have been people they taught, so hopefully they dont take our refferals in this area. Its kind of hard working in the same ward because of the way our areas are divided and we started working with several members in their area before we realized it, so we'll se how things go this transfer.

I am glad to hear that everything is going good, you'll have to tell me what the new ward is like, it sounds like there are several activities coming up shortly and whatnot, and you'll have to let me know how everyone else is handling everything, but it sounds like its all good right now. Alright, well I will hear from y'all soon!

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