Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Over the Fence and Through the Woods

Well it was super good to talk to everyone on Mothers day! I'm glad to hear that the new ward is starting out well, and I'm glad to hear about all those boys who finally got their Eagle done. Has anyone else received their mission calls yet? I bet they are all getting really excited.

This past Monday we had companion exchanges and I got to go to Acworth and spend a day with the district leader. I was pretty nervous at first but felt really comfortable when I got out there. I really like the district leader we have right now. This is his last transfer before he goes home and he is a really sharp guy, I definitely learned a lot from him. They are on bikes in his area so I would have ridden his companions bike but his chain broke the day before exchanges so we were blessed to walk the whole day. It wasn't that bad, Elder Cooper and I have been doing a lot more walking but I could definitely feel it in my legs by the end of the day. It was a lot different because we could really talk to everybody we passed which I liked a lot. We ran into one guy from West Africa over in the Ivory Coast is what he said and taught him a first lesson and committed him to be baptized which was amazing! It will be cool to hear how the Acworth Elders do with him. After we were done teaching he said the closing prayer with the biggest smile I have ever seen, he was ecstatic!

At night we went to try to visit a member but they drove by us as we were on our way over. She told us about a shortcut we could take if we hopped her fence and decided to take her word for it because apparently a lot of missionaries used to do it. So we hopped her fence and walked across to what we thought were the apartments but it was a neighborhood that was even further away than the one we came from. So we went back to the sort of clearing in her back yard and went down a ways until we could see the apartments and started walking towards them until we ran into a creek. We ended up having to hop two more backyards until we got to a spot where a tree had fallen across to the other way and walked across the creek and had to trail-blaze our way through the poison ivy and trees and bushes. Well, maybe we didn't run into poison ivy, but we were still trailblazing our way through the woods to get home. It definitely made me appreciate being a missionary today, instead of when they didn't even have paved roads.

alrighty, you'll have to send me the addresses for Zach and Jacob and all the other guys and I'll see if I can't write to them and everyone before they head out. I love you guys a lot!
-Elder Alex Edwards

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