Monday, May 11, 2009

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Hola, feliz Cinco de Mayo! well, I guess today is actually the seis de mayo, but anyways, I hope you at least got to celebrate by eating mexican food or something for me because there are only a few mexican restaurants around and none are as good as back home ;) Thank you for sending me that package hopefully I should have it soon in the next couple days.

And I am for sure looking forward to this Sunday as well! I am not really sure when we'll be able to call y'all, but our church is from 11-1 as well, so after converting that to arizona time it would be pretty early in the morning out there, So I really don't know, I would assume we'd call sometime after church but if you are in church when we get out it probably wouldn't be until later in the evening for us, meaning afternoon in Arizona.

This week has been pretty good so far. We were able to see a couple of miracles happen. For one we have a baptismal date set for an investigator who's wife is a member. The two of them are separated right now from what I understand but a couple of weeks ago she said that he was interested in learning about our church, and he took the lessons a couple of years ago but wasn't all receptive, so she said she wasn't quite sure about it. Then last week we decided to go tracting in this one neighborhood and when we got there it was completely dead. After a couple of hours or so we came across her house and didn't even realize that she lived in that neighborhood. When we went up to the door she was waiting for us and gave us some water and told us that her husband was coming to drop off the kids and would be there pretty soon and we could probably set something up to start teaching him. So we waited for a little while and then went down the street to knock on a few more doors. when we started to head back we saw the van she described and he pulled in right as we were walking by the house and started talking to him. By the time we left we had a dinner appointment set up for Sunday with the family and when we went back we taught him a really good lesson and he said that he would be baptized! It was just awesome to see that he really wanted to know if this was true and was just so much more prepared this time around. It will also be really good for the family and hopefully bring them together and both Elder Cooper and I are really excited to continue teaching him!
well It is really good to hear from you, and I cant wait to talk to the family on Sunday!

Love always,

Elder Alex Harrison Edwards

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