Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Teaching Pool Getting Bigger

I got the package yesterday, thank you guys so much for sending it! I found someone in the Relief Society to hem my pants as well.

Well, I wrote y'all leters and sent them today, so this one will be pretty short, but we had a super day yesterday.

First we had our weekly meeting with Brother Morris, which is always awesome! He is a recent convert and is about 82 years old. He lives by himself and loves all the missionaries, but especially the sister missionaries, because they are the ones that were able to convince him to join the church. Every Tuesday morning we go over and share a scripture message with him and then he feeds us lunch. We were super lucky yesterday and after lunch he showed us his bees as well. He has about 6 or 7 bee hives on his property that he keeps and gets honey from. We were pretty excited to go see them, and we took some pictures that I'll send home soon. But, it wasn't all that great of a day to go see them, because they seemed kinda aggravated by Brother Morris and stung him a couple of times as he was going through the hive. It was still a pretty neat experience. This year his bees haven't been doing so well, so he hasn't produced a lot of honey off them, but last year was really good and he would give honey to the missionaries, so I was kinda bummed that we missed out.

Then we had a super good lesson with Brother Apostolo who came on a team up with us. We were supposed to visit Craig, who is one of our investigators which would have been super good, but he was stuck at work, but we were definitely blessed because we were able to contact a former investigator and teach him, and he seemed to be interested in the gospel a little bit. Last time the missionaries taught him he had a baptismal date and everything, I think he even had his interview, but for whatever reason wasn't able to go through with it and the missionaries stopped teaching him, so maybe he will be ready this time around! Well we are doing really good, our teaching pool is steadily growing which is really good for us.

Alright well thanks again for the package and I'll hear from y'all soon!

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