Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Madness

Griffin is awesome! We had a super good week last week even with transfers, which usually slows us down. But Ya Elder Meacham is a really good missionary, he's a really hard worker and likes to get stuff done. He's only been out a transfer longer than I so we're both still pretty young but it will be good because we aren't under the all searching eye of some older missionary and we don't have to babysit any greenies so we just get to go to work.

They have a super good teaching pool going right now and we were able to have two people commit to baptism my second day here, not too bad! The ward is really good as well, they seem a lot more missionary minded than the others so we should be able to see a lot of success this transfer.

Well I'll bet your wondering why I'm emailing you on Monday, and no its not because we've gone apostate and decided to have an extra p-day, but I forgot to tell y'all that President Satterfield has now moved p-days to Mondays and done some other changes to our weekly schedule, so this is really weird for me today because I just got used to living p-day to p-day and now the schedule has changed. I really liked having p-day on Wednesday because it was a good break in the middle of the week, so I dunno about this Monday stuff. I think President's idea was that it would give us a good full week to work but it is going to be a long week. It did seem kind of like a rock in the river to have it on Wednesday's but I think that it will be good for the hard working missionaries and give them more to work with but the lazy ones will just get lazier because they dont have p-day to keep them going. But, President is just testing the waters and exercising authority and he's open to whatever, so we'll just have to see how it goes in the next month or so. But ya that's about all of the big news for now, well I'll talk to y'all in a week!

Elder Edwards

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