Monday, September 14, 2009

Lots of Investigators

(this is from the week of Sept 7)

Well We had a super good week this week, Elder Meacham and I were able to teach a whole bunch and put up some super good numbers, in fact the highest numbers of my mission! Not that its all about numbers, but we found 13 new people to teach and were able to get a lot of the members come out with us to teach, and we have a baptism scheduled for Saturday! woo hoo! We are praying that it holds through, its two 20-ish year old girls that order a bible from the church, and we've been able to get them to commit to baptism which has been a miracle to see them prepare and change their lives so much in only a few short weeks. All that is left to teach them is 4 of the commandments, and they have already committed to live the word of wisdom and law of chastity which are the two big ones, so hopefully its just a matter of time now.

The Griffin Ward is super good, although I think Sharpsburg fed us more, but the ward is super missionary minded, and even though we have two sets of elders, both of us are able to have team ups just about every single day which helps sooooo much. On Sunday a nonmember lady called the church to see if she could get a ride to church so she was talking to Elder Smith for a couple of minutes and before he even asked anyone one of the Members said she could do it and had her there in no time. The lady had moved from Detroit not too long ago and never really went to church there because she couldn't understand any of the preachers, but she came here and loved church. She brought along her 9- year old son and her two year old daughter and it really seemed like they had a good time. The members were super friendly and introduced themselves and did a super job of fellow-shipping. I was able to talk to her and she had been layed off from her job several months ago and had been in the hospital since. Yesterday was the first time she was able to get out of the house in a long time. Elder Meacham and I were able to schedule a time to go over and teach her this week which is going to be really good, because anybody that is asking to come to church without knowing anybody and not having ever had a super strong background in any church must be elect, and this lady definitely seemed elect. She has a lot going on in her life right now, but the church here has definitely been able to help more than I would have ever imagined, especially for anybody that has walked in for the first time. apparently when she was in the hospital one of the nurses that attended to her was a member and one way or another was able to talk to her about the church, and now I really think there is soo much potential for this lady to receive the help that she is desperately in need of. I couldn't understand all of her situation, but she has been going through a divorce, and is suffering both physically with sickness and is on her own without any sort of financial assistance from what it sounded like. But I can definitely see her progressing in the gospel and shee seemed so grateful just being at church. Elder meacham and I are really looking forward to going over to teach her because we know that the gospel will bless her family. I am super grateful for that nurse that was able to be a member missionary because the members are our biggest support, and its really though the members that missionaries find the greatest success. well that is about the extent of my news this week, hoefully I'll hear from y'all soon!- -Elder Edwards

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