Monday, October 5, 2009

Hear me now, believe me later

Well, not too much new info for this week, we did get two of our most promising investigators to attend conference with us which was awesome, pretty much they will be baptized when they get married and stop smoking, which they are working on both right now, so hopefully next transfer they should go down!

Well I hope everyone enjoyed conference because it was sweet. I liked the Saturday session the best because it seemed like I got a lot more personal revelation than Sunday, not that it was bad, but I just liked Saturday better, I think Dallin H. Oaks was one of my favorite talks, about how the love of God does not supersede his commandments and love doesn't give us the right or excuse to not obey. But pretty much all of them were really good.

Well, since you asked, Elder Meacham is from Boise Idaho which I thought I said, but ya as far as his bench stats lets just say he should stick to cross country. He loves to run which is good for me to go out and jog in the mornings, however, speaking of bench, our ward mission leader has a son in law that is a huge time lifter, and is seriously just an ox. hes about my size but 100% solid, and you can tell he lifts weights but not that he lifts as much as he does, I mean he squats about 600, and benches like 400 and is seriously just a tank. But, aside from that he is a nonmember and our ward mission leader wants us (meaning me because I am about the only missionary that can hang with him lifting wise) to kind of make him a special project, so we have been able to go lift at the gym with him which has been sweet, and also painful. Last Saturday we worked biceps and triceps and we could feel the burn in our arms for the next several days, even just talking on the phone hurt just to put the phone up to our ear. And then this past Saturday we got to go do a leg workout with him before the first session of conference, and now it feels like I can barely walk! Luckily it's p-day and we're going to play basketball today so we should get some of that lactic acid out. But ya our ward mission leader wants us to go lift with him at least once or twice a week, which I have no complaints about, I just wish I didn't feel like a wussy. He goes to a super hardcore gym where pretty much only serious lifters go, and actually he got kicked out of his old gym for lifting too much is what he said. So ya he's the real deal.

But with transfers, more than likely Elder Meacham is going to be leaving because he has been here for 6 months, so regardless I hope whoever my companion is next transfer likes to lift! Well as well I forgot to tell you all about a pretty funny experience I had last week at church, so I will tell you now, but for the past couple of transfers, I have been trying to learn some hymns on the piano and just practicing when I can when we are at the church for meetings and whatnot, and so recently I've been playing before church starts just some pre-prelude music before the real people that do it get there, and so our church schedule is kinda flip flopped with priesthood first and then ending with sacrament, so there's a couple times in the griffin ward I've been able to play the song for priesthood, even though its Brother Lackey's calling I suppose, but he hasn't minded every once in a while letting me play because I'm already up there, which has kind of put me on the spot several times because I haven't really wanted to do it, but its not that bad because there's not nearly that many people there for priesthood that often, so I can suck it up. But I've been getting to the point I can play about four or five hymns comfortably. So on Sunday we were leaving the gospel principles class and on our way to get a seat for sacrament and just about as soon as I walk in the chapel the chorister comes and asks me to play piano for sacrament because the pianist wasn't there, so I pretty much just got suckered into playing for sacrament because I couldn't really say no, and so ya I actually had to play piano for Sacrament! it was pretty rough, especially the introduction to the first song because I don't practice intro's and then I haven't practiced just about any sacrament songs so I had to pick one that looked easy to me and then pretty much sight read it and there were a couple really rough spots but I got through it. But ya it was pretty intense and I kinda dont want to get called on for it again, at least not until I can play more hymns better! So ya that was my funny story for the week, so I hope y'all have a super week and I'll let you know about transfers on Wednesday!


  1. Great update, this one made me LOL. Weight lifting and discussions, what a combo!

  2. I love this letter! I can just see Alex pushing himself to keep up in the gym, no matter how sore it makes him. I love that God uses all of our talents, even the ones we are still working on.
    I am really proud of Alex, and I think Beth Wright(his piano teacher) would be,too.