Monday, June 8, 2009

An act of kindess that snowballed

On Saturday, Dana got a really nice phone call from Georgia. Sister Debbie Vaughn phoned to say that she had fed the missionaries that night and wanted us to know that Alex's tummy was full and he is happy. As a parent, you hope and pray that there are kind people who will look out for your child, but to have one of them take the time to call and let you know he is well just meant the world to us! She had some very nice things to say about Alex and we are sure he will live up to them.
So when we had the chance to have some great elders come to our house for Sunday dinner, we knew what to do. Elder Cox and Elder Baker are both fine young men and we are happy to have them serving in our ward. When they were getting ready to leave I asked them to write down their parents' names and phone numbers so I could call them. My first call was answered by a machine so I left a message for Brother and Sister Cox telling them about our dinner and thanked them for raising a good young man. Next I spoke with Brother Baker who said "Oh! you don't know how much this means to us." Actually, yes I do. How nice to be able to tell this father that his son is well and healthy and happily serving an honorable mission. We had a really nice visit and he said that my call was "just the vitamin he needed," and it would last him the rest of Elder Baker's mission. About an hour later the phone rang, and it was Brother Cox calling from Idaho. They had been out of town and got my message when they got home. His son had previously been serving on the Reservation up in Chinle and was a little sad about leaving that area and the people he had grown to love. I was so glad to tell him about our brand new ward and our gratitude for having good elders to help move the work forward here. It was another lovely visit with a proud and grateful father. It was a good reminder to never let a kind word go unsaid.


  1. What a neat idea! I think this is a very meaningful treat for these families! I will have to remember this!