Wednesday, June 24, 2009

¿Habla Español?

I'm glad you liked the tie I had been saving it! As far as Spanish, President said that there was a chance for me to flip over but I don't think its going to happen because he also said that they need good English speaking missionaries as well, so if its meant to be it will happen. Actually Elder Peterson, my companion from the MTC is now a spanish elder along with a couple others I came out with.

Well, Elder Warwood and I are in our own apartment right now and its pretty cool. The other Elders left some good work out equipment and we just found out the code to the work out room which has a treadmill that doesn't work so great, but they do have a bunch of dumbells, enough weight to keep me busy, and one of those pulley system workout gyms so we are going to get pumped in the next couple of weeks!

It's been a lot different this transfer because I have been on exchanges every week with different Elders so we still haven't been able to do a whole lot here in our area because we only have half of a week to work with most of the time, and then Sundays take up all of the day because we dont have sacrament until 2, which means meetings all morning and then the ward feeds us really well, so by the time we get back from dinner appointments its time to plan for the next day, but as a mission everyone is working really hard. As it turns out, the big 680 "Beast" that we have been working on as a mission for the last year was actually a 634 teddy bear, so we only needed 634 baptisms to double the amount, and it is definitely down to the wire. It all depends on this weekend. We are about 20 or so baptisms away and we have either 25 or 30ish commitments for this week, so if everything goes right we will have doubled our baptisms as a mission from the time president Hinckley told us to do so, which is Huge! President Mathusek leaves next week which is pretty crazy to believe, but the new President will be awesome I'm sure. If we reach our goal president Mathusek is going to get us all ice cream sundays on Monday and then have a missionary picture.

Well it has been heating up pretty nice, its been in the 90's all this week and with the humidity it is pretty warm, still not all that miserable, but then again I'm not on bike so I couldn't quite tell ya. We haven't had rain since I've been in Dallas, but we're entering into Hurricane season so we'll see about that.

Well, thats about all I have for this week, but I love y'all and I hope you have a super week!

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