Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Week in Griffin

Well as usual it has been a good week. It was kind of a slow start, I got to go to the other side of Griffin on Tuesday for exchanges with the district leader, but when I got back we got right to work.

Right now all of our dates our investigators have to be baptized are kind of in limbo, we have one super awesome couple but they have some legal issues they have to work but before they can be married, and then baptized, so we're going to see them tonight and see what we can come up with. They are really solid though, so I'm not too worried, it just kinda stinks it wont be until next transfer. But R and J are referrals from our bishop's brother in the ward right above us. We were kind of unsure at first, but they are really excited about coming to church and being baptized.

The two other girls we had baptismal dates with are kind of dwindling in unbelief. They missed stake conference yesterday which they said they were going to come to, and haven't been keeping many other commitments lately, but we are going to shake them a little and see how much they are really interested tomorrow.

But ya, yesterday we had Stake conference which was sweet because 1, I got to see several people from Sharpsburg and all the other missionaries in the zone, and as well it was a sweet meeting to be at. There were kind of two themes to the meeting, one being there was a lot to do with I guess along the lines of unity and how the church is a melting pot of different people and cultures, and then it got into quite a bit into African americans and the priesthood and how God has always chosen who he gives the priesthood to, like the Levites for example. But ya that was pretty interesting I thought. And then the stake president has been emphasizing emergency preparedness and being self reliant and he had some super cool stuff to say that just made the stake conference different from any other I've been to, but this is going to be a big week for us.

Today we have zone p-day which is going to be awesome to see all the missionaries in the zone and play basketball, which is pretty much all most of the missionaries do on zone p-day is b-ball, so that is always a plus. Then, tomorrow is our Zone conference which is going to be amazing as always, but even more special because we have a general authority coming, plus it will be a combined zone conference so one of the other zones should be at that meeting with us as well. But ya I will definitely tell y'all about it next week, so until then, have a great week!

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