Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend update...

Well we had another really good week. We have been able to find and teach people pretty easily here in Griffin. WE didn't have the baptisms we thought we would, in fact the two girls, L and S are having trouble keep commitments lately. They visited L's mom in Athens Georgia, and she didn't like them going to the church, and their friends are telling them all the word vomit and rumors that they hear so right now they aren't sure what they're doing. They were supposed to come watch a baptism for another branch on Saturday but didn't show, and then missed church on Sunday, so we are going to have to drop a spiritual bomb on them tonight when we go to teach them.

Our other lady N, who called the church last week has shown tremendous promise, except that she is leaving back to Detroit sometime this week she said, but she has been to church twice already and if we taught her the rest of the lessons she could potentially be baptized this Saturday, but we'll see, its all in the Lord's hands right now. We have a couple of other investigators we're working with but nobody that is too serious at this point, but I would definitely be surprised if we didn't baptize by the end of this transfer. Next week we are having our zone conference and I guess we are having a General Authority come and visit which is going to be really cool, we are also having Stake Conference this weekend so we'll get to go to that as well on Sunday. Well that's about all for now, talk to y'all next week!
Elder Edwards

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